All prices are per return and include return preparation and electronic filing to the CRA.

Benefits only (nil income return) – $20

OAS and CPP only – $35

Students (with up to two T4s) – $35

*** Personal return up to 5 information slips (T-slips) – $45 ***

Personal return up to 10 information slips (T-slips) – $60

Personal return with unlimited number of slips (T-slips) – $75

Personal return with property rental – $90

  • Above price is based on one property. Additional properties are subject to an additional fee of $25 each.

Personal return with business or professional income (sole proprietorship) – Starting at $120 – Please contact me for a personalized quote.

Claims for employment expenses and TL2s for long haul truckers are subject to an additional charge of $25.

If you have any questions about pricing please don’t hesitate to contact me.