Information slips

In many cases I am able to pull your t-slip information online directly from the Canada Revenue Agency, however, sometimes it may take several weeks for information from some employers and/or financial institutions to become available. For this reason it is always best if you have physical copies of your slips, though it is certainly possible to proceed with your return using the data available from the CRA if you are confident that you know exactly which slips you are expecting. The earliest date at which 2019 slips are available for download from the CRA is February 10.


If you were employed at any time during 2019 your employer should have T4 slips out to you by the end of February 2020. You may also receive other T-slips from the government or information slips from financial institutions with whom you have accounts around the same time.


T4A slips, which contain information on payments received for pensions, annuities and other income are due in to the CRA by February 28 as with most other slips.

RRSP Contribution Slips

I find that RRSP contribution slips take a longer time to become available through the CRA’s AFR (auto-fill) function since they are not mandated to be in to the CRA until May 1. Since RRSP contributions can have a significant impact on your balance owing or refund it is preferable that you have the slips provided by your financial institution(s).

T2202/T2202A – Tuition Enrolment Certificate

This year, for the first time, slips that provide information on tuition paid and number of months in a program (T2202 formerly T2202A) will be available through the AFR function as well. However, if you need to file returns from previous tax years you will still need physical copies of the slips. This information is generally available online through your student portal with you educational institution.

CPP and OAS slips

T-slips related to payments from the Canada Pension Plan, T4(P), or from Old Age Security, T4(OAS), are also due out by the end of February. Because these slips come from the federal government they are generally easy to pull from the CRA through the auto-fill (AFR) function.

Other Slips

relevant to the proper preparation of your 2019 return that you may receive are:

  • T4E – Statement of Employment Insurance and other benefits
  • T5007 – Statement of benefits (from the government)
  • T5 – Statement of investment income
  • T3 – Statement of trust income (not due in until March 31)
  • T5008 – Statement of securities transactions
  • T4RSP – Statement of income from RRSPs (withdrawals)
  • T4RIF – Statement of registered retirement income fund income

If you have any questions regarding your information slips please feel free to contact me.